Published: Jan 8, 2024

Silk Road Restoration Concepts in Central Asia

1-6 Mullaev Aziz Shomakhmatovich
Read Statistic: 32

The Role of Tertiary Institutions in Combating Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

7-17 Niyi Jacob Ogunode, Moses Tsevenda, Grace Atim
Read Statistic: 64

Раннего Храмовый Огня Центральной Азии

18-23 Курбонов Абдусамад Мелигалиевич
Read Statistic: 7

Political Image of the Modern Leader

24-30 Gulomjon Samadov
Read Statistic: 10

Roles of Tertiary Institutions in Post-Election Violence Prevention in Nigeria

31-41 Niyi Jacob OGUNODE, Dr. Abdulkareem ONAKOYA
Read Statistic: 15

Problems in Women’s Access to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly in the Kyrgyz Society

42-50 Aikanysh Eshnazarova
Read Statistic: 8

Traditional Medical Institutions in Turkestan Rule

51-58 Khurshid Jumanazarov
Read Statistic: 15

Взгляды Ученых На Ценность Денег В Эпоху Ренессанса И Раннего Нового Времени

59-63 Хасанов Ш. Р
Read Statistic: 31

About the Place of Ustrushona in the Political System of the Kang' Confederation, Administration and Military Affairs

64-72 Furqat Toshboyev, Lapasova Maftuna
Read Statistic: 20

The Uniqueness of Social and Economic Processes in the Iranian State in the Last Middle Ages

73-80 Norboev Sirojiddin Kurbonazarovich
Read Statistic: 5

Organization and Activities of Judicial Institutions in the Bukhara People's Soviet Republic

81-87 Zokirov Bobir Choriyevich
Read Statistic: 12

Analysis of the Influence of the Diversion of Agricultural Land Management Functions into Non-Agricultural Ones

88-101 Suryadi, Dyah Erlina Sulistyaningrum, Fista Hery Nooryanto, Lilik Prihatin, Maria Yosepin Endah Listyowati
Read Statistic: 6

Constitutional Guarantee of the Right to Petition in the Basic Laws of the Central Asian Republics

102-110 Khaydarali Yunusov, Hazar Leylanoğlu
Read Statistic: 22

The Place of the First Cities Organized in the Region of Surkhan Voxa in the World Civilization Historical Analysis from the Material and Spiritual Aspect

111-115 Kosimov Kamoliddin Alisherovich
Read Statistic: 12

Some Aspects of Increasing the Social Activity of Young People in Uzbekistan (Harmony of National and Foreign Experience)

116-135 Shukhrat Mamatkulov
Read Statistic: 13

Проблема Непрерывного Развития Профессиональной Компетентности Педагогических Кадров

136-145 Хакназарова Нилуфар Куранбоевна
Read Statistic: 18

Archaeological Research Carried Out at the Dabusia Monument

146-157 Makhamadiyev Gayrat Ilyesovich
Read Statistic: 1

Social Ecological Samples of Quality of Life

158-164 Kim Larisa Antonovna
Read Statistic: 6

Uzbekistan in the Fight against International Terrorism

165-168 Suyunov Ilyos Juma o‘g‘li
Read Statistic: 12

The Problem of Supplying the Education System with Teachers in Surkhandarya Region in the 20-40s of the XX Century

169-172 Umarov Jamshid Saidmuratovich
Read Statistic: 4

Issues of Ensuring Employment of the Population of Surkhandarya Region during the Years of Independence

173-177 Kadirova Yakitjan Buvabayevna
Read Statistic: 3

History and Present of Wedding Traditions in Uzbekistan

178-181 Ergashov Isroil Abdumalik o‘g‘li
Read Statistic: 5

Sociological Aspects of Studying the Specific Characteristics of the Youth Social Group

182-188 Sarvar Otamuratov
Read Statistic: 9

The Problems of Scientific Study of the Impact of Countries on Socio-Economic and Cultural Life and its Results in Uzbekistan

189-193 Kholboeva Dilnoza Mamayusupovna
Read Statistic: 3

Results of Existing Buildings and Construction Works in the City of Jizzak

194-200 Begzod Yerjanovich Yesbergenov
Read Statistic: 34

Image of the Armed Forces in the Context of Socio-Political Changes

201-205 Bekhtash Berdiev
Read Statistic: 0