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The article analyzes the role and role of the political leader, who is an institution that plays an important role in the relations between society and the state, and the tasks of the political leader in the improvement of the political system of the society and the institutional stability of the society and the state. Especially in a period when democratic traditions are settling, strengthening and developing, certain views and assessments are formed in each member of the society in relation to political leaders at different levels. One of the best and most effective ways to create a positive image in the public's mind is to create a positive image of it. The study of the modern political life of the country is directly connected with the image of the political leader and is the main methodological aspect of evaluating his activity, the coordination of the activities of political institutions in the society with the reforms.


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Samadov, G. (2024). Political Image of the Modern Leader. Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History, 5(1), 24-30. Retrieved from


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