Problems in Women’s Access to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly in the Kyrgyz Society

  • Aikanysh Eshnazarova Human and Economic Geography, Ankara University
Keywords: Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Gender, March 8, 2020


arious activities such as conferences, panels, meetings and marches are held around the world for 8 March International Women's Day. The purpose of these activities is to draw the attention of society and policy makers to current issues such as women's rights, gender inequality, violence against women, and the obstacles faced by women due to tradition. Thus, it is demanded to produce solutions and finally to get rid of these problems. Such activities are carried out within the framework of the fundamental rights of people, namely freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. In this respect, on March 8, 2020, Kyrgyz women's rights defenders and activists held a solidarity march at the Victory Square in Bishkek on the grounds that the traditions practiced in the Kyrgyz society devalues women and produce violence against them. However, the organizers and participants of this march were attacked by a group of masked men wearing Kyrgyz traditional hats, and the march terminated. Nearly 70 women participants, including the march organizers, were arrested by the police and taken to the police station.

This shows that to what extent freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly is protected in the country and whether gender inequality is seen as a problem by policy makers. This study aims to critically examine the prevention of the ‘No to Violence Against Women’ and ‘Bride Kidnapping is a Crime’ march held in the capital Bishkek on March 8, 2020, and the detention of participants who joined this march in the context of freedom of expression and gender.


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