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The close intertwining of problems of environmental factors and the quality of life of the population makes it necessary to study the features of their interaction, identify patterns, and possible ways to optimize this interaction. The article substantiates the dominant influence of environmental factors on the modern model of quality of life. Theoretical approaches to understanding the quality of people's lives from a sociological point of view are considered. The features of the concept of perceived quality of life, structural-functional and socio-economic approaches to its assessment are revealed. A review of existing methods is proposed in order to systematize approaches to assessing the quality of life of the population presented in the scientific literature. It is shown that along with changes in the needs and living conditions of people, approaches related to the substantiation of various components of quality of life and their assessment are also evolving.


environmental problems quality of life environment risk society environmental paradigm

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Kim Larisa Antonovna. (2024). Social Ecological Samples of Quality of Life. Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History, 5(1), 158-164. Retrieved from


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