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This article provides information on the place of Ustrushona in the political system of the Kang confederation, management and military affairs based on written and archaeological materials. During the Kang' period, the administration of Ustrushona was left under the authority of local governors, who seem to have paid regular taxes (boj) to the central government under the control of tudans appointed by the governor. The mention of Ustrushona as an independent province in Chinese sources indicates that Ustrushona had an internal administration during the Kang period. Most of the burial mounds studied in Ustrushona belong to the Kang era. In some graves in burial mounds of this period, the dead were buried "fully armed" with weapons of war next to them. Based on this information, the authors tried to justify the fact that there was an internal administration in Ustrushona and the development of the military sector.


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Furqat Toshboyev, & Lapasova Maftuna. (2024). About the Place of Ustrushona in the Political System of the Kang’ Confederation, Administration and Military Affairs. Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History, 5(1), 64-72. Retrieved from


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