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In this article, the author analyzes the issue of providing the education system with teachers in the Surkhandarya region in the 20s-40s of the 20th century. The policy of the Soviet regime in the field of education caused negative consequences. The cases of educated teachers in Surkhandarya district leaving their profession and going to farm work have increased. The number of voluntary workers in this system has decreased dramatically. Mass and mandatory involvement of school teachers in field work was a boon to the development of education. As a result, the quality of education was not at the required level.


school teachers Surkhandarya Termiz technical school of education (pedagogy) higher education institution

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Saidmuratovich, U. J. (2024). The Problem of Supplying the Education System with Teachers in Surkhandarya Region in the 20-40s of the XX Century. Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History, 5(1), 169-172. Retrieved from


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