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The global economic landscape exhibits a striking wealth disparity among countries, with some enjoying affluence while others grapple with poverty.[1]  This article delves into the complex factors contributing to this divide, examining historical, economic, and socio-political elements. In light of this analysis, we explore potential pathways for Uzbekistan to attain economic prosperity.


[1] Smith, J. (2021). "Global Economic Disparities." International Journal of Economics, 45(3), 289-305.


investments incentives institutions economists wealth poor and rich nations factors of production poverty

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Lazizbek Nurmuhammadov. (2023). Exploring the Wealth Disparity: Why Some Countries are Rich and Others are Poor, And Strategies for Uzbekistan’s Prosperity. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(9), 145-149. Retrieved from


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