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This study aimed to measure the quality of student papers in the Agrotechnology Study Program at UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta and assess their potential for publication in scientific journals. Questionnaires were given to lecturers to gather data based on high standard criteria for scientific journal publishing. Results showed that 65% of respondents believed that student papers could be published in scientific journals. Additionally, 70% of respondents noted that the papers had novelty value, contributed to science, technology and knowledge, addressed urgent problems, and had a formulated conclusion. However, the writing quality needs improvement according to 61% of the respondents. Furthermore, 65% of respondents assessed that the papers lacked depth in analysis and synthesis. In addition, only 50-80% of the references used were primary and latest references. These findings suggest that Agrotechnology Study Program student papers need improvement in writing, analysis, and the use of primary and latest references to meet the high standards of scientific journal publication.


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Darban Haryanto, Ellen Rosyelina Sasmita, Tuti Setyaningrum, & Danar Wicaksono. (2023). Improving Agrotechnology Student Papers: A Call For Enhanced Writing and Analysis. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(9), 68-75. Retrieved from


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