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Nowadays writing an online-based journal (Open Journal System) is a challenge for lecturers and students. The existence of this journal is needed to support the ranking of a university. The higher the publication, it can determine the indicators for the assessment of higher education rankings. However, currently, the level of publication carried out is still quite low. The influencing factors include the lack of trained ability in writing national journals, especially for students. This research was conducted to improve the research culture, quality and publication of online-based journals using the Open Journal System. The methodology in this study made a questionnaire that was distributed to lecturers and students, analysed the results of the questionnaire, and introduced the Open Journal System to lecturers and students.


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Hariyadi, MTh Kristiati EA, Ristiyan Ragil P, Nuraisyah Ningsih, & Pandu Bagas Amartya. (2023). Research Culture and Improving the Quality of Scientific Publications Using the Open Journal System. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(9), 63-67. Retrieved from


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