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Mode of organization structure is one of component which consider to determine the functions of organization can do assignments effectively. On one side, a structure of organization was created to translate any kind of tasks, assignments, and responsibilities into any divisions in order organization can be operated effective and efficient. But, one other hand, at the same time, organization structure can make a complicated procedure or a mechanism of decision making being trivial. This research aim at in understanding toward organization structure in implementing organization’s policy to grasp and maintain the reputation and cooperation networking. By focusing on Faculty of Social Science at Yogyakarta State University, this examine whether kind of structure of organization especially Public Relations institution can perform well in doing assignments. Data collection was gained through Focus Group Discussion, deep interviews, and observation. The results show us that aspect of flexibility in organization structure and features of leadership play important role to determine key performance organization so that can keep maintaining reputation of organization


Structure of organization Reputation, Networking Leadership Public Relations

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Christina Rochayanti, Basuki Agus Suparno, & Nur Laily. (2023). Modes of Public Relations Structure in Keeping Reputation at Faculty of Social Science in Yogyakarta State University. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(9), 54-62. Retrieved from


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