Coverage of Political Conflict

  • Zaza Tsotniashvili Caucasus International University, - Tbilisi, Georgia
Keywords: Media, Conflicts, Coverage, Georgia, Tskhinvali Region, Post-Soviet Countries


In modern Georgian life, Georgian-Ossetian relation is part of Georgian-Russian’s relation and it is a top problem. It has a centuries-old history.

The subject of this research is to reflect two-centuries-old complicated relations in the recurrent press. In the first part, the influence of the individual on the conflict’s origin is depicted and its further reflection in Georgian, Ossetian and Russian media.

The so-called South-Ossetian problem, caused by great political ambitions, stands far from the Georgian-Ossetian interests and, probably, from Georgian-Russian ones too. Georgian-Ossetian relations, rich with traditions, are downgraded in the struggle of much more powerful interests.

As it is known from the studied materials, sensible powers tried to prevent the two naton’s victims by means of the press, but Russian Imperial interests actively use the propaganda media to cause the conflict and to involve Georgians and Ossetians in it.

It is difficult to clarify the truth, when the guns are roaring. The Georgian Press tries to defend its own position, while the Ossetian Press presents the Ossetian population as the oppressed one. The Russian Press delicately manages to incorporate instability on Georgian territory.

However, a wish for peaceful life always twinkles in the Georgian and Ossetian Press. In such a situation, its restoration will take much time.

It seems, that much more is to be done for full, mutual understanding of the sides. The meeting of two journalists of different nationalities in this direction is a difficult step. Non-harmonious reactions in the Ossetian and Georgian Press that exist from the reader’s different positions and alienations are stipulated by this. Its eradication is possible by future discussions and demonstration of bilateral culture dialogue.

Discussion of issues between the sides, offers the reader a specific example of a dialogue, and it appears, that its direction and further extension is possible, with the aim of regulating relations.


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