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The article is devoted to the history of the development of traditional handicrafts, trade and industry in Turkestan in the late XIX-early XX centuries. The author made an attempt to reveal this topic on the basis of German-language studies. At the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries. handicraft and trade in Turkestan continued to develop in the traditional way in the directions formed over the centuries. Home work was widespread in the region. Artisans have set up the sale of their products. With the influx of foreign capital into Turkestan, industrial production began to be organized. Handicraft skill played an important role in Turkestan. Handicraft products were used by all segments of the population. This type of activity was especially important among the nomads. The following branches of crafts existed: weaving, spinning, sewing, tanning and leatherworking, ceramics, coppersmithing, blacksmithing, painting, carpet weaving and others.


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Rakhimov, B. E. (2023). Development of Traditional Craftsmanship in Turkestan in German Studies. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(3), 18-23.


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