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This article will highlight about one of the famous scholars of Bukhara, Abu hafs kabir Bukhari.This scientist is also the reason why Bukhara became known to the world. Because of Bukhari, Bukhara is described as the powerhouse of Islam. During his time, education in Bukhara madrasahs improved.Thi article provides information about the activities of kabir Bukhari.


Bukhara Bukhori madrasahs Hanafi school capital of Islamic culture Hasan Shaybani Narshaxi Dome of islam

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Gulmurodovna, E. K., & Hayatovna, B. F. (2023). Abu Hafs Ahmad IBN Hafz Al-Buxori the Person who Became the "Power of Islam". CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(3), 1-3.


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