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Education is an important aspect of the implementation of the state training program, as one of the main factors, is the basis of competitive training. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of education at the level of the demands and needs of society in the field of education, certain reforms and changes are being carried out. However, the additions, new content and approaches provided for development must meet certain requirements. In education, this factor is realized on the basis of pedagogical requirements.


Composition innovative technologies education method tool education system creativity educational practice

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Munisa, K. H. (2023). Didactic Opportunities for Improving the Content of "Composition" in Higher Education Institutions of Pedagogical Education on the Basis of Innovative Technologies. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(1), 67-71.


  1.  to increase the level of artistic-intellectual potential in students by improving the competences of observation, purposeful study, analysis of events and phenomena, objects and things in the environment by means of development of competences related to artistic-aesthetic perception;
  2.  to create an educational environment that creates motivation for students to learn independently from the point of view of the future specialty;