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The purpose of conducting this research is to find out and describe: 1) The effectiveness of apparatus performance in improving services in the field of human resource development at BKPSDM Bulol District. 2) The determining factorsthe effectiveness of apparatus performance in improving services in the field of human resource development at BKPSDM Bulol District.

The research method used was descriptive qualitative, the research location was carried out in the HR Development Sector of BKPSDM Buol Regency. Data collection techniques were in the form of observation, interviews and documentation which were then analyzed using qualitative data based on the concept of Miles and Huberman.

The research results show that: 1). The effectiveness of apparatus performance in improving services in the field of human resource development at BKPSDM Buol Regency, includes: a). adaptability, b). work performance, c). job satisfaction is good but not optimal because the quality of human resources of employees is still low and the job satisfaction of officials at BKPSDM is not in accordance with the working conditions and fields of knowledge they have, and the ability to adapt to employees has not been able to improve apparatus performance optimally, as well as achievements work owned by employees is still low. 2). The factors that determine the effectiveness of apparatus performance in improving services in the field of human resource development at BKPSDM Buol Regency include: a). Timeliness, b). Subordinate tasks, c). productivity, d). motivation, e). work evaluation, f). supervision, g). work environment, h). equipment and facilities are good to support service performance but the timeliness factor is still lacking, because there is still low compliance of apparatus, subordinate tasks, productivity is still not optimal because there are several employees who do not carry out their duties so that the level of work completion is hampered and the availability of facilities is still not optimal and the budget is still lacking, thereby reducing the effectiveness of performance in improving services.


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Abdul Samad, Arifin Tahir, & Irawaty Igirisa. (2023). Performance Effectiveness of Apparatus in Improving Services in the Field of HR Development at BKPSDM Bulol District. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 4(1), 14-31. Retrieved from


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