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The goal to be achieved in this research is to develop a model of character education through learning Indonesian language and literature which is taken from the film and analyzed from the results of needs analysis through questionnaires to students, teachers and the community. The specific target of innovation to be achieved is the creation of a Character Education Film Learning Model. While the method used is a descriptive method by Surahmad to describe the Korean film "The World of The Married" full of feminism which can be used as learning material for Character Education, then a qualitative descriptive method. The data collection technique is done by analyzing the film to examine feminism by paying attention to the expressions in the film. The results of the study show that there are four forms of feminism contained in the film, namely: independent, firm and strong, tough mentality, strong and courageous. The implication in character education: judging from the feminism studies studied, the researchers found that films are an effective learning tool to build students' character as seen from the main characters in the film.


Feminism, film and character education

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Santje Iroth, & Selvi S Torar. (2022). The Study of Korea Film Feminism “The World of the Married” and Its Implications on Character Education. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HISTORY, 3(11), 37-44. Retrieved from


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