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Central  Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836) is created for the publication and promotion of scientific research results and exchange of scientific results in the field of social and history sciences. The main purpose of the journal is to highlight the scientific articles of leading scientists and experts, containing the results of fundamental and theoretical and applied research in the field of social sciences and history. The journal serves an essential function of dissemination of scientific information in the science of attraction of new researchers. Problem heading journals initiate discussions on topical issues of theory and practice. The journal publishes only original high-quality scientific works. The submission of articles in the journal implies that it has not been published previously or submitted for publication in another journal.

Vol 4 No 3 (2023): Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836)

Published: Mar 7, 2023

Abu Hafs Ahmad IBN Hafz Al-Buxori the Person who Became the "Power of Islam"

1-3 Elmurodova KHursandoy Gulmurodovna, Bobojonova Feruza Hayatovna
Read Statistic: 19

The Visit of Koqan Khan Khudyarkhan

4-9 Iskanderov Sultanbek, Boymirova Gulshan
Read Statistic: 18

Об Обычаях, Связанных Со Сбором Колосовых Культур В Бухарском Оазисе (Конец XIX Века, Начало XX Века)

10-13 Джумаева Нилуфар Ахматовна
Read Statistic: 16

Artistic Interpretation of Historical Truth in the Novel “Alisher Navoyi” by Isajan Sulton

14-17 Porsiyeva Zamira
Read Statistic: 4

Development of Traditional Craftsmanship in Turkestan in German Studies

18-23 Bektosh Elmurodovich Rakhimov
Read Statistic: 14

The Significance of the Contentious Organization of the Free Time of the Students of the Sports and Health Activities Held Outside the Classroom

24-28 Dusyarov Salimjon Khudaimuratovich
Read Statistic: 5

Methods of Increasing the Technical and Tactical Preparation of Badminton Players During the Training Process

29-33 Murotova Shohsanam Boltayevna
Read Statistic: 15

Technology of Forming a Sense of Respect in Students Towards the Competitors on the Basis of Conducting Sports Events

34-38 Norboyev Abdukodir Jumakulovich
Read Statistic: 10

From the History of the Study of the Early Medieval Rural Areas and Pottery of Ustrushona

39-43 M. Pardaev, G. Mominova
Read Statistic: 5

Some Considerations on the Historology of the Lazurite Road

44-38 Jumaev Yigitali
Read Statistic: 10

Study of Archaeological Monuments Located in Surkhandarya Region by International Expeditions of Uzbekistan-Czech Republic

49-53 Nazarova Dilobar Turiyevna
Read Statistic: 17

Coverage of Political Conflict

54-64 Zaza Tsotniashvili
Read Statistic: 13

Priority Directions of Cooperation between Special School and Library in Formation of Reading Competence of Students with Hearing Impairment

65-68 Azimova Dilnoza Sherzodovna
Read Statistic: 6

Ancient Social Development of Early Civilizations of Central Asia

69-73 Shodmonov Anvar Akramovich
Read Statistic: 6

Политические Взгляды Афганистана И Узбекистана При Современной Власти Талибана

74-79 Шойимов Санжарбека cын Саидмурада
Read Statistic: 12

Experience of Foreign Countries in the Prevention of Divorces

80-86 Rabiev Bobomurod Bahadirovich
Read Statistic: 3

Armenian Merchants in the City of Jolfa and Their Role in the Flourishing of Trade in the Safavid State ( 1588-1629 )

87-108 Maan Al- Tarshi Sultan Al- Jamrawi
Read Statistic: 15
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