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Central  Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836) is created for the publication and promotion of scientific research results and exchange of scientific results in the field of social and history sciences. The main purpose of the journal is to highlight the scientific articles of leading scientists and experts, containing the results of fundamental and theoretical and applied research in the field of social sciences and history. The journal serves an essential function of dissemination of scientific information in the science of attraction of new researchers. Problem heading journals initiate discussions on topical issues of theory and practice. The journal publishes only original high-quality scientific works. The submission of articles in the journal implies that it has not been published previously or submitted for publication in another journal.

Vol 4 No 9 (2023): Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836)

Published: Sep 4, 2023

Implementation of Human Resource Management System in Preschool Educational Organizations

1-5 Valiyeva Feruza Rashidovna
Read Statistic: 9

Приоритеты Внешней Политики Узбекистана: Сотрудничество С Арабскими Монархиями Залива

6-10 Мадина Абдуллаева
Read Statistic: 11

At the Beginning of the 20th Century views on the National Theater in Turkestan

11-16 Nodira Mustafayeva
Read Statistic: 12

Improvement of Open Journal System (OJS) to Optimize Journal Accreditation Score

17-24 Dwi Wahyuningrum, Oktavia Dewi Alfiani, Ediyanto, Agus Harjanto, Lysa Dora Ayu Nugraini
Read Statistic: 3

The Information System’s Needs Evaluation of the Student Creativity Program as an Effort to Increase Student Participation and Achievements of PKM UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

25-32 Ismianti Ismianti, Hasan Mastrisiswadi, Berty Dwi Rahmawati, Singgih Saptono, Oliver Samuel Simanjuntak
Read Statistic: 29

Integration between Service Quality with Refined KANO to Improve Academic Quality at MTI

33-40 Agus Ristono, Gunawan Madyono Putro, Ismianti, Tri Wahyuningsih
Read Statistic: 27

Model of Assistance in Writing Scientific Papers with E-Clinic Research to Produce Scientific Papers in Reputable Journals

41-53 Budi Widayanto, Nanik Dara Senjawati, Wulandari Dwi Etika Rini, Heni Handri Utami
Read Statistic: 7

Modes of Public Relations Structure in Keeping Reputation at Faculty of Social Science in Yogyakarta State University

54-62 Christina Rochayanti, Basuki Agus Suparno, Nur Laily
Read Statistic: 2

Research Culture and Improving the Quality of Scientific Publications Using the Open Journal System

63-67 Hariyadi, MTh Kristiati EA, Ristiyan Ragil P, Nuraisyah Ningsih, Pandu Bagas Amartya
Read Statistic: 4

Improving Agrotechnology Student Papers: A Call For Enhanced Writing and Analysis

68-75 Darban Haryanto, Ellen Rosyelina Sasmita, Tuti Setyaningrum, Danar Wicaksono
Read Statistic: 5

Analysis of Internal Control System and Standard Operating Procedures Upn Yogyakarta Cooperatives to Support Good Corporate Governance

76-86 Kunti Sunaryo, Zuhrohtun, Indra Kusumawardhani, Siwi Hardi Astuti
Read Statistic: 10

Training Design and Publication’s Policy for Increasing Lecturer Competency Case Study: Graduate Program of Communication in UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

87-95 Edwi Arief Sosiawan, Basuki Agus Suparno, Christina Rochayanti
Read Statistic: 1

Organizational Development in Education and Continuing Professional Development for Teachers

96-106 Yessi Rifmasari, Maifit Hendriani, Meria Ultra Gusteti, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Rusdinal
Read Statistic: 4

Identification of Problems in Learning Social Sciencesat the Junior High School (JHS) Level in Sungai Penuh City

107-115 Sari Mustika, Azwar Ananda , Siti Fatimah
Read Statistic: 7

Problems of Studying the Economic History of Uzbekistan (From the Middle Ages to the Present)

116-124 Odil O. Zaripov
Read Statistic: 8

Развитые Виды Хорезмских Ремесел

125-130 Аминов Хурматбек Бахрам углы
Read Statistic: 14

The Activity of Devon in the Central Administration during the Ashtarkhanies Dynasty

131-140 Jumaniyoz Sangirov
Read Statistic: 4

Khoja Ubaidullah Ahror is a Spiritual Leader

141-144 Zohidjon Abdullayev
Read Statistic: 5

Exploring the Wealth Disparity: Why Some Countries are Rich and Others are Poor, And Strategies for Uzbekistan's Prosperity

145-149 Lazizbek Nurmuhammadov
Read Statistic: 13

Assessment of the Level of Neopterin in Oral Fluid and Blood Plasma in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

150-154 Raximov Sh. Sh., Idiev G. E.
Read Statistic: 2

The Policy of the Soviet Ideology Relating to Women and Girls and its Conflicting Aspects (In the Example of the Life of Uzbek Women in the 50s of the 20th Century)

155-159 Gulnoza Boltayeva Rakhmatullayevna
Read Statistic: 0

The Role of the Neig Borhood System in the Spiritual Maturity and Educational Growth of the Young Generation in New Uzbekistan

160-163 Sanginova Iroda Nematullayevna
Read Statistic: 5

Modern Methodological Instructions to History Teachers

164-167 Xolbekov Abdujamol Yaxshiboyevich
Read Statistic: 3

Implementating Modern Educational and Information Technologies Into the Higher Educational Process

168-171 Ziyayev Farxod Sobirovich
Read Statistic: 5

Point of Sale (POS) and Job Creation in Enugu State, Nigeria: A Study of Nsukka Urban, 2012-2021

172-192 Ovaga Obinna Augustine, Onuoha Jonah, Ejiofor Chukwuemeka Chinedu, Nwawube Arinze Victor, Nwankwo Evans Onuabuchi
Read Statistic: 7

Как Усилить Сотрудничество Узбекистана И Ес?

193-201 Файзуллаева Нигорахон Равшановна
Read Statistic: 10

Legislative Institutions and the Democratic Development: A Comparative Analysis of USA and Nigerian Democracies

202-221 Ambrose Odibo
Read Statistic: 13

Из Истории Становления И Развития Археологических Исследований На Территории Самаркандского Согда В Последней Четверти XIX Века

222-231 Фарманова Гульнара Комилевна
Read Statistic: 7

Истоки Чустской Культуры Ферганской Долины

232-241 М. Х. Исамиддинов, З. Рахманов
Read Statistic: 7

Political Processes in Fergana During the Invasion of the Arab Caliphate

242-248 Mahmudon Erkin Askaralievich
Read Statistic: 5

Remarks on the Culture of the Neolithic Communities of Central Fergana

249-253 Mirsoatova Sayyora Turgunovna
Read Statistic: 5

On the History of Military Weapons of the Fergana Valley (7 th Century BC – 7 th Century AD)

254-260 Matboboyev Boqijan Khoshimovich, Aloxunov Alisher Ahmadjonovich
Read Statistic: 4
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