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Central  Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836) is created for the publication and promotion of scientific research results and exchange of scientific results in the field of social and history sciences. The main purpose of the journal is to highlight the scientific articles of leading scientists and experts, containing the results of fundamental and theoretical and applied research in the field of social sciences and history. The journal serves an essential function of dissemination of scientific information in the science of attraction of new researchers. Problem heading journals initiate discussions on topical issues of theory and practice. The journal publishes only original high-quality scientific works. The submission of articles in the journal implies that it has not been published previously or submitted for publication in another journal.

Vol 4 No 1 (2023): Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History (ISSN: 2660-6836)

Published: Jan 4, 2023

Первая Каракалпакская Актриса И Самоотверженный Деятель Искусства

1-9 Жалгас Айтмуратов
Read Statistic: 15

Artistic Features in the Stories of Adalbert Stifter

10-13 Tilyakhodzhaeva F. M.
Read Statistic: 12

Performance Effectiveness of Apparatus in Improving Services in the Field of HR Development at BKPSDM Bulol District

14-31 Abdul Samad, Arifin Tahir, Irawaty Igirisa
Read Statistic: 19


32-46 Andri Caesario Shomad, Rauf A. Hatu , Sri Yulianty Mozin
Read Statistic: 12

The Role of Counsellors in Post-Covid-19 Trauma: A Review

47-60 Charli Sitinjak
Read Statistic: 22

Professional Self-Determination of School Students

61-66 Mulikova Saltanat, Tazhigulova Gulmira, Shraymanova Gulmira, Akhmetzhanova Guldaray, Erbol Aigerim
Read Statistic: 11

Didactic Opportunities for Improving the Content of "Composition" in Higher Education Institutions of Pedagogical Education on the Basis of Innovative Technologies

67-71 K Hasanova Munisa
Read Statistic: 5

“Babur Nama” and the Genealogy of the Timurides

72-77 Bакiev А. А
Read Statistic: 5

Collaborative Learning in Foreign Language Teaching

78-81 Botirbekova Gulchehra Abdumutalovna
Read Statistic: 7

"The Cotton Case" - the Last Repressive Policy of the Authoritarian Soviet Regime

82-90 Nazarov Otabek Muzrobovich
Read Statistic: 4

Principles of Universal Law

91-92 Yusupov Ilkhomjon Ibodillaevich
Read Statistic: 7

The Problem of Short-Term Memory and its Improvement in Simultaneous Interpretation

93-96 Sevara Sultonova Bakhtiyor kizi
Read Statistic: 4

The Importance of the Private Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support Fund (Business Fund) in the Development of Entrepreneurship

97-100 Khabibullaev Bakhodir Asatilla ugli
Read Statistic: 6

Specific Characteristics of Logopedic Work with Blind Children

101-105 Dehkonova Mubarak Ghiyosiddinovna
Read Statistic: 9

The Importance and Contextual Semantics of Slangs in English Language

106-110 Erkinov Ma’murjon
Read Statistic: 8

Educational Reforms Are the Main Criteria for the Development of Youth

111-114 Jabborova Malohat Azimovna
Read Statistic: 6

General Methods of Learning in the Works of Medieval Thinkers

115-121 Amonova Hikoyat Inoyatovna
Read Statistic: 5

Processing of Secondary Polymer Raw Materials and PVC Compositions to Create a Technology for Manufacturing Shoe Sole

122-126 F. Karomov, S. F Fozilov, H. S Fozilov, A. A. Madjidov
Read Statistic: 4
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