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Feb 19, 2024

We are pleased to announce that as of 2024, this journal has undergone an editorial transition aimed at enhancing the management and ensuring that published articles meet the highest quality standards.

This transition is undertaken with the objective of strengthening the integrity of this journal as a platform for high-quality scientific publication. A new editorial team has been assigned to meticulously manage the article review and editing process, ensuring that each contribution published meets the stringent criteria set forth.

We are committed to reinforcing the reputation of this journal as a reliable and high-quality source of information for the scientific community. We also extend our gratitude to all authors, reviewers, and readers who have supported us thus far.

It is our hope that with these changes, this journal will continue to serve as a respected venue for sharing valuable knowledge and research.

Thank you for your attention.

The Editorial Team

Vol 5 No 1 (2024): January

Published: Jan 8, 2024

Silk Road Restoration Concepts in Central Asia

1-6 Mullaev Aziz Shomakhmatovich
Read Statistic: 32

The Role of Tertiary Institutions in Combating Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

7-17 Niyi Jacob Ogunode, Moses Tsevenda, Grace Atim
Read Statistic: 64

Раннего Храмовый Огня Центральной Азии

18-23 Курбонов Абдусамад Мелигалиевич
Read Statistic: 7

Political Image of the Modern Leader

24-30 Gulomjon Samadov
Read Statistic: 10

Roles of Tertiary Institutions in Post-Election Violence Prevention in Nigeria

31-41 Niyi Jacob OGUNODE, Dr. Abdulkareem ONAKOYA
Read Statistic: 15

Problems in Women’s Access to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly in the Kyrgyz Society

42-50 Aikanysh Eshnazarova
Read Statistic: 8

Traditional Medical Institutions in Turkestan Rule

51-58 Khurshid Jumanazarov
Read Statistic: 15

Взгляды Ученых На Ценность Денег В Эпоху Ренессанса И Раннего Нового Времени

59-63 Хасанов Ш. Р
Read Statistic: 31

About the Place of Ustrushona in the Political System of the Kang' Confederation, Administration and Military Affairs

64-72 Furqat Toshboyev, Lapasova Maftuna
Read Statistic: 20

The Uniqueness of Social and Economic Processes in the Iranian State in the Last Middle Ages

73-80 Norboev Sirojiddin Kurbonazarovich
Read Statistic: 5

Organization and Activities of Judicial Institutions in the Bukhara People's Soviet Republic

81-87 Zokirov Bobir Choriyevich
Read Statistic: 12

Analysis of the Influence of the Diversion of Agricultural Land Management Functions into Non-Agricultural Ones

88-101 Suryadi, Dyah Erlina Sulistyaningrum, Fista Hery Nooryanto, Lilik Prihatin, Maria Yosepin Endah Listyowati
Read Statistic: 6

Constitutional Guarantee of the Right to Petition in the Basic Laws of the Central Asian Republics

102-110 Khaydarali Yunusov, Hazar Leylanoğlu
Read Statistic: 22

The Place of the First Cities Organized in the Region of Surkhan Voxa in the World Civilization Historical Analysis from the Material and Spiritual Aspect

111-115 Kosimov Kamoliddin Alisherovich
Read Statistic: 12

Some Aspects of Increasing the Social Activity of Young People in Uzbekistan (Harmony of National and Foreign Experience)

116-135 Shukhrat Mamatkulov
Read Statistic: 13

Проблема Непрерывного Развития Профессиональной Компетентности Педагогических Кадров

136-145 Хакназарова Нилуфар Куранбоевна
Read Statistic: 18

Archaeological Research Carried Out at the Dabusia Monument

146-157 Makhamadiyev Gayrat Ilyesovich
Read Statistic: 1

Social Ecological Samples of Quality of Life

158-164 Kim Larisa Antonovna
Read Statistic: 6

Uzbekistan in the Fight against International Terrorism

165-168 Suyunov Ilyos Juma o‘g‘li
Read Statistic: 12

The Problem of Supplying the Education System with Teachers in Surkhandarya Region in the 20-40s of the XX Century

169-172 Umarov Jamshid Saidmuratovich
Read Statistic: 4

Issues of Ensuring Employment of the Population of Surkhandarya Region during the Years of Independence

173-177 Kadirova Yakitjan Buvabayevna
Read Statistic: 3

History and Present of Wedding Traditions in Uzbekistan

178-181 Ergashov Isroil Abdumalik o‘g‘li
Read Statistic: 5

Sociological Aspects of Studying the Specific Characteristics of the Youth Social Group

182-188 Sarvar Otamuratov
Read Statistic: 9

The Problems of Scientific Study of the Impact of Countries on Socio-Economic and Cultural Life and its Results in Uzbekistan

189-193 Kholboeva Dilnoza Mamayusupovna
Read Statistic: 3

Results of Existing Buildings and Construction Works in the City of Jizzak

194-200 Begzod Yerjanovich Yesbergenov
Read Statistic: 34

Image of the Armed Forces in the Context of Socio-Political Changes

201-205 Bekhtash Berdiev
Read Statistic: 0
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